Guy Dominguez

In 1996 Guy joined the family business and is currently the President of Total Transportation & Distribution. In 2001 Guy opened Westset Logistics, a preferred 3PL by both Domestic and International businesses. Prior to joining the family business, Guy worked at Arrowhead Water as a Route Driver. Being a Route Driver included much more than delivering water. You managed your route, from sales to billing, applying discounts, and balancing your accounts at the end of each day to represent the volume sold, accounts receivables, as well as equipment maintenance. In addition to valuable work ethics and tools that Guy brought over to Total and Westset he also continued the family tradition of providing excellent customer service. Guy continues to ensure the family business is operating under these same edicts. The business has been very successful over the years and has continued to grow and gain market share in the transportation industry. The company currently employs close to 100 people and has over 250,000 square feet of warehousing facilities in La Mirada, and the Inland Empire, with over 90 trucks, including 18 wheel tractors, trailers and bobtails.