Frequently Asked Questions

How should I advise of my inbound shipments to your facility?
It is requested that you advise our account representatives at least 72 hours advance notice of items expected. This should be preferably in the form of an inbound packing list, noting all items and quantities to be received.
Are there any special requirements needed for inbound shipments?

Yes, please advise the inbound shipment carrier to note a special instruction of making a delivery appointment no later than 24 hours in advance of expected delivery via LTL carrier & 48 hours for overseas containers.

What are your receiving hours?

Receiving hours of operation are from 7am until 12pm.

How are my shipments handled?

Westset Logistics offers a variety of shipping options, let our Representatives find you competitive industry quotes for all types of shipments, or feel free to arrange your own carriers. You are the customer.

Westset logistics also offers the option of shipping via UPS and Fedex, this allows you to arrange with your own small parcel representative your own price breaks for your shipments, provide us with your arranged account and we will do the rest, this will allow you easier shipment tracking through our system, and provide you with a personalized daily manifest.