Total Transportation & Distribution, Inc. began in 1989 to provide Southern California with premier integrated transportation and distribution solutions. Total Transportation and Distribution is a provider of both FTL (full truck load) and LTL (less than truck load) freight services and leads the industry in same day and next day delivery with efficiency and reliability. The company is an award winning trucking business, that goes the extra mile for each customer. It has set the track record of 99.98% on time delivery performance, for all its’ deliveries throughout Southern California. Both the culture and vision of the business is centered around top notch customer service.

EDI Processing

EDI processing / UCC 128 or GS1-128 labels

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows you as the customer to receive purchase orders direct from an associated buyer, which in turn can be forwarded to Westset Logistics for processing. Once the order has been completed, our trained representatives can transmit via EDI system access an advanced shipment notice (ASN), back to your buyers system.  Using an EDI system reduces paperwork to process your order. EDI systems are now being used by most large retailers, which require providing UCC 128 labels, also known as GS1-128 labels.  These labels provide your trading partner shipment information in relation to the advance shipment notice (ASN).  These labels identify you as a vendor and contain carton or pallet contents and store information. Westset Logistics follows all guidelines in compliance with vendors that choose to utilize this form of purchasing and shipment methods.

Lot Tracking

Using state of the art cloud-based Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Westset Logistics is able to provide real time inventory movement and reports for clients. You can be a client in any city, state or country and have real time access to review inventory that has been requested for shipment, re-stocking and review along with all end of day status at any given time. The company is also invested in integrating technology that is focused around intelligent supply solutions. This is to create better efficiencies for its’ customers both domestically and internationally.

Cross-Docking and Consolidation

To expedite customer’s shipments, Westset Logistics will offer Cross Docking services, in which we will off-load your inbound shipments, check your expected load for quantities and then stage your shipment for turnaround to your end users that are expected to forward in less than 48 hours.

We also offer a consolidation service within your storage allocations at our facilities, so that you do not have to keep adding extra storage needs to your current allocations. As the customer will decide on the amount of times that you would like Westset logistics to perform these consolidation tasks.

Ask us about our B2B Last Mile Logistics services.

eCommerce Fulfillment

Many small or newly established eCommerce companies prefer to keep costs down by handling all aspects of their business; orders, payments and shipment. However, this leaves little room for expansion. As the business grows so do the demands for storage area, order processing and fulfillment. Outsourcing on the other hand, allows companies to expand, focus on their core business and provide excellent customer service.

Hiring another organization to handle your fulfillment can be extremely beneficial for a number of reasons, some of which are explained below in more detail.

Although expanding your business is essential for your company’s success, outgrowing your storage space can be problematic, interrupting business and jeopardizing the quality of service for your current customers. Further, finding a new warehouse to cater for your personal needs can be time consuming and costly. Outsourcing your fulfillment however is flexible, allowing you to expand without the worry of storage space, more employees, equipment and other warehousing essentials, all of which add enormous costs.

While your company may lack shipping expertise, required in order to process the increased volume of sales, handling order spikes which demand quick and efficient processing and shipping can also have a negative effect on business. Outsourcing however, enables you to access the most up-to-date order management software, computer hardware and warehousing functions operated by expert staff, who will ensure that shipment continues uninterrupted and processed with the utmost accuracy.

Many small companies waste time and money trying to control shipping when their efforts would be better served focusing on their core business, improving their company’s reputation and expanding their clientele. The outsourced organization on the other hand, would deal with all aspects of shipping, from packaging, tracking and returns, in the mean time you can improve your product line, website and promote your business to different markets.

A newly established eCommerce business may not have the experience required in order to ensure that fulfillment is carried out using expert methodology. This could lead to shipment errors, hurting the company’s credibility and sales. A fulfillment center however allows your company to operate using only the highest standards of service for your customers. Additional services could be incorporated such as web based inventory, call center fulfillment and tracking, making the purchase experience for your clients all the more easy and enjoyable.

Perhaps you are considering expansion outside the US, yet shipping over international borders is expensive. Fulfillment companies are able to facilitate international business due to their negotiated rates with other carriers. Further, fulfillment companies will have previous experience needed to ensure that your international business is carried out in the most cost and time effective manner.

Westset Logistics is a renowned B2B eCommerce fulfillment organization. Our warehouse and fulfillment center is able to provide businesses with reliable and personalized services all year round. Businesses can rest assured that their fulfillment needs are being carried out with utmost accuracy and efficiency.


If you have products shipped in bulk and require it to be broken down and repacked into smaller boxes with specific instructions, the team at Westset Logistics are able to perform custom repacking jobs from adding labels, transfer of new packaging and much more. Ask us today about custom labeling, sorting and pricing services.

Kitting Services

At times you may have the need to break down a carton, a drum or to kit a group of SKU’s together for your client.

At Westset we offer the flexibility to provide you with kitting services in order to meet your customer needs.

We require:

  1. Very clear instructions also known as SOP’s (Standard Operation Procedures)
  2. Special instructions if applicable so we can prepare our team accordingly.

In the event we feel the SOP is not suitable for our operation, we retain the right to decline the service at any given time.