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B2B Last Mile Logistics in Los Angeles, California

Supply chain logistics within the eCommerce sector starts with business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce. Westset Logistics is a leading third-party logistics provider, or 3PL, in Los Angeles specializing in B2B eCommerce by providing last mile logistics solutions, warehousing and moving pallet loads. Westset Logistics prioritizes the consumer when providing these services to clients. We support our clients by achieving their goals of hitting sales targets and seamlessly serving their customers with on-time delivery.

Westset Logistics implements its vision for strong supply chain logistics and management by staying on top of data trends and new technologies. The number one growth trend for ecommerce business is personalization and customer engagement. Ecommerce distributors and retailers are often competing in similar markets. In a net economy, an ecommerce business is gauged as much by what it has to offer as it is by the satisfaction of its consumer base with the complete shopping experience.  

Every ecommerce business is competing with the convenience of a monolith like Amazon, which means customers are actively and consciously choosing your shop page.  Your website sparked interest in a product, story or idea that led to sales. Yet, your business is not guaranteed return sales. Consumer expectation has dramatically risen since the days of two-to six week delivery, or even one-week delivery for that matter. Brand loyalty is determined by the customer experience, and today that experience includes delivery time.

For this reason, strong B2B engagement is crucial and dependent on the ability to provide on-time deliveries to retailers.  B2B engagement in eCommerce is twice the size of business-to-consumer (B2C) engagement. To meet consumer demand, ensuring shipments from the distribution centers to retailers with as few stops or interruptions as possible is a challenge every 3PL must meet.

The competitive edge in supply chain used to be defined by the speed and accuracy in which goods were delivered to distributors or brick-and-mortar retailers.  The focus was on the earliest stages of delivery, with far less importance placed on the last leg of delivery since it was the retailer who controlled how and when customers received goods. Now, B2B satisfaction is intrinsically connected to a seamless B2C transactions.  Westset Logistics understands that to serve its eCommerce client is ultimately to serve the smoothest and fastest possible delivery to its client’s customers.

The right 3PL service will manage sales and delivery to accommodate a growing ecommerce business. The best 3PL will be able to engineer customer satisfaction through the use of intelligent supply chain solutions in technology, which includes mitigating the challenges of last mile delivery. Last mile delivery is the supply chain industry term for ensuring same-day or instant delivery. Last mile also implies goods delivered directly from warehouse to doorstep.

Most ecommerce platforms include multiple sales channels – website, mobile, social media. The 3PL industry is just beginning to compete in last mile delivery, a service that is challenging to find housed under a single company. Westset Logistics is among the few 3PL service companies with a warehouse location that has the capacity to house enough goods to respond to an omnichannel business platform, technologically equipped to seamlessly funnel all sales into a single management system, and able to accommodate delivery of those goods in the last stretch, from warehouse to doorstep.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is as important as identifying what your business offers that is unique or desirable. After that crucial first sale or interaction, the experience customers walk away with is the difference between brand loyalty and a single sale. Customer loyalty is cultivated at every step right up to the moment of delivery. With the stakes so high and with the rising demand for speedy deliveries, the importance of a strong logistics strategy with consideration for improvements in last mile delivery cannot be overstated enough.

Since 1977, Westset Logistics has been a leading fulfillment provider in warehousing, container handling, labeling, sorting and kitting.  Optimally located near Long Beach, California, the second largest port in the United States, Westset Logistics is equipped with technology that connects ecommerce clients to online sales channels and allows them to compete in a supply chain driven industry.  Westset Logistics serves U.S. based and international companies, allowing them to drive customer satisfaction from anywhere in the world through their various sales channels, from checkout to doorstep.

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