At Westset Logistics and Distribution, we are invested in creating efficiencies, applying state-of-the-art supply chain management solutions. We have an in-house team dedicated to creating continuous improvements for both domestic and international customers. Our customer’s inventory is a critical asset that we warehouse and manage, we take pride that we have a Class A facility that is managed using DaVinci, an established Warehouse Management System (WMS). The DaVinci Supply Chain WMS software has been designed based on the unique needs of third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

We have applied and adapted the DaVinci WMS as an efficient modular software allowing us to adapt to the needs and competing priorities for each customer. DaVinci WMS has proven itself with very satisfactory levels of accuracy in order processing, accounting of inventory and tracking of shipments. Our invoicing is based off the shipments processed in DaVinci at all times. Our customers are able to have a level of accuracy and detail on each and every transaction. Of recent times we invested in an intelligent labeling system, automating from start to finish, labeling instructions to ensure efficiencies in our packaging department. The video playing on this page depicts the technology and how it forms an incredible solution in intelligent supply chain solutions.

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