Delicate Handling of Undergarments – by Westset Logistics, Los Angeles.

Undergarments! Yes boxers, underwear, bras, panties, lingerie, corsets, are items world consumers need and use every single day. With the Kardashians flaunting underwear smartphone selfies, undergarments are becoming “outergarments’ in this day and age. It is a fashion item and statement for everyday living. Back in 2014, Euromonitor reported that the world under garment market was worth $110 Billion and it has grown since. World famous in the USA is Victoria Secrets which is the largest underwear retailer which has successfully transformed lingerie shopping from a boring chore into a “make me feel like a superstar” experience.

Price points for undergarments run from cheap to super expensive with brand names flaunting their body sculpting or lacy seductive pieces with brand names like Stella McCartney, Heidi Klum, Bendon, Elle McPherson, Calvin Klein and many more. The French have extremely tasteful and creative designs all of which are priced towards the higher retail price end. In the USA brands such as Hanes and Triumph are still seen in stores like Macy’s, Nordstroms and Target.

Behind the scenes, most of the undergarment designers outsource manufacturing to Asia where the cost is cheaper. Exports from Asia are spread globally which brings us distribution in the USA. Westset Logistics is a third party logistics company based in Los Angeles, groomed to handle storage and distribution of leading global under garment brands.

Located near the Port of Long Beach, Los Angeles and Los Angeles International Airport, the facility is in a prime location to be a DC (Distribution Center) at our Class A facility building. “We welcome brands that require distribution to leading stores like Macys, JC Pennys, Nordstroms, Bloomingdale, Sax Fifth Avenue, Target, Walmart and many more” says Guy Dominguez, President of Westset Logistics.

The facility is run with a virtual Warehouse Management System (WMS) giving full visibility to business owners regardless of where they are in the world on inventory and stock movement. Some customers of Westset have also opted to integrate their online store purchases with Westset, where small parcel shipments to consumer homes are made possible. We all know that over 15 years ago buying undergarments and or lingerie online was an unthinkable event, today this particular industry offers comprehensive size guides online, easy purchase and delivery with the option for returns.

Recent media report depicts a stronger consumer buying trend in California, where growth is also being reported in both Riverside and San Bernadino County.  Brick and mortar stores like Nordstrom’s are seen to be stocking up with mid to high end items in Orange County along with other affluent areas throughout Los Angeles County. Not to mention the growth and demand in the plus size sector where most retailers and etailers are reporting significant sales growth.

Manufacturers who do not have a presence on the West Coast of the USA should consider expanding into retail stores or online sales, using Westset Logistics as a Distribution Center. We will be able to store the units, fulfill purchase orders and deliver consignments to retailers with our fleet of over 100 trucks and drivers. Our trucking division caters to same day and next day deliveries for all routes between San Diego and Santa Barbara and everywhere in between.

We are able to recommend the use of freight forwarders to assist in inbound shipments from anywhere in the world, marketing experts to get your products established into leading stores or eCommerce sales and much more. If you are interested in expanding your under garment supply into the West Coast of the USA, please talk to us more about your business and products and we will come back to you with a comprehensive proposal.

Westset Logistics is a family owned business, we pride ourselves on quality of service and world class basic 3PL operating standards, For more information contact Aide at or visit our website at