Does your 3PL answer the phone when you CALL?

A lot of product based businesses, be it manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors are looking to experience growth and increased profits. The cost of human capital in functional areas such as warehousing, fulfillment, logistics and supply chain can add up to significant overhead costs. The notion of outsourcing to a Southern California 3PL becomes very attractive and many successful businesses have seen the overall costs savings in doing so.

There are “good and bad” 3PLs and at the end of the day, the customer matters. The basic function of a 3PL is to warehouse goods and provide fulfillment services as requested. It sounds easy but there is a lot to the game plan i.e. planning, forecasting, inventory management, data accuracy and on time execution of deliveries. A good 3PL such as Westset Logistics will review your existing costs, review your business operations model and provide an optimal cost-efficiency model that is win-win for you the client, the end customer and Westset.

The best way for your business to save time and money is to outsource to a professional 3PL that can aid your business in performance and have the flexibility to expand as your business grows. You’re not just going to store your inventory like a regular public storage. The most important thing is to work with a 3PL which is customer focused and agile to your business needs. Good 3PL’s have real people answering phones to ensure issues are resolved. There is no run around on the phone and no such thing as a flick over to the answering machine. Westset Logistics prides itself on having a very “human touch” to customer service alongside its’ cloud based warehouse management system.

Here are the top 5 things for a quality Account Representative Team (ART) that you should look for in a Southern California 3PL.

  • They answer calls when you call, within 3 to 5 rings
  • The ART responds to eMails and requests on the same day or latest the next day
  • Know where your inventory is at, what your business is all about and what specific fulfillment requests you have
  • Call  back when they say they will
  • Provide you with remote access to your inventory levels in real time

Why Use Westset Logistics as Your Southern California 3PL? Westset Logistics prides itself in providing its clients with superior customer support and service, with the fusion of human capital and the latest technologies. For more information contact us at