Exporting and 3PL Options in Los Angeles

Are you exporting or thinking about exporting to the USA via Los Angeles, California?

This blog is focused on why International Manufacturers choose 3PL Westset Logistics, Los Angeles

As an exporter to the USA, the unknowns include, but are not limited to, the notion of logistics, product warehousing, and ensuring that purchase orders are met, be it for B2B or B2C business models. Over the last couple of years, Westset has proven itself time and again to be an international player, providing localized 3PL and logistics support at its headquarters in Los Angeles. Manufacturers from New Zealand through to the United Kingdom have submitted complex tender requirements, were engaged, and reaped the benefits of 3PL in its truest sense. By applying a blend of technology and customer service, Westset does not simply meet expectations, but supersedes them, raising the bar with each fulfillment.

A case in point is a baby product manufacturer, a company in Europe who was not getting the attention to detail it required from its previous USA based 3PL. Strategic discussions led to Westset securing this partnership with qualifying factors of a very high standard; a standard which for ordinary 3PLs may have been an unrealistic call for service but not for Westset!

Westset Logistics takes pride in understanding the culture and brand of each and every customer. These two very important components must translate to each and every employee for the ultimate deliverable to be a perfect match. The European company manufactures baby products to a very high standard. Their supply chain and distribution model is worldwide and their customers include big stores like Kohl’s, Target, Wal-Mart and other major retailers in the USA. Their basic expectation from a 3PL is to receive products into the warehouse systematically. The picking is usually at the carton level, but if the quantity of cartons for a single item is sufficient, the provider should be able to create a bulk pick at the pallet level and sometimes sorting at distribution centers or on a marshaling floor area is preferable. In other cases, orders are picked for stores and may go from the warehouse to the retail distribution center or directly to the store.

A 3PL should be able to receive items from another B2B warehouse and handle the consignment, pick for a B2C requirement or pick and pack to a home address, utilizing either a FedEx or UPS account. Some call this detailed logistics, part of the growing market for eCommerce throughout the USA. There might also be a need to prepare the 3PL to handle and process re-work requests, merchandise returns and re-packaging of material to prepare for re-sale. Westset is able to seamlessly implement all of the above mentioned scenarios as required.

The European customer was looking for a 3PL partner who could work closely with them to proactively drive operational excellence and constantly improve the systematic management of the warehouse. Westset Logistics answered that call through its heavy investment in technology, providing real time transparency and information for its international customers.

Additional services provide the capability to organize, clear and truck goods from the port of Long Beach and Los Angeles. This is an added bonus, offering a smooth transition from the port and the 3PL facility and into the warehouse. Just this one European account involves managing the logistics of 400 SKUs, about 10,000 individual pick and pack requirements for the B2C sector and approximately 940K cases for the B2B sector annually.

Westset Logistics continues to provide unparalleled customer service at its headquarters in La Mirada, California. The 3PL facility is growing, especially in the dry foods 3PL sector. They have opened a new facility near their main building, in the city of Downey. The company is 100% family owned and truly prides itself on precision in logistics from warehousing, distribution and delivery. For more information contact us HERE.