Why exporting to the USA is timely

With the US Dollar strengthening against major international currencies, it presents an opportunity for manufacturers to export to the USA. For example, the British pound fell to a 31 year low against the US dollar.  As much as we are seeing a gloomy report by Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential elections that the US economy is in shambles, economic reports show the opposite with consumer spending up, unemployment low and the general feel is that things aren’t so bad. With the holiday season starting in October, consumer spend will slowly but surely increase.

Exporters can either bring products into the USA via the West Coast or the East Coast but because our 3PL facility is located in Los Angeles, we will focus this blog on the West Coast. Companies wanting a presence on the West Coast can bring products in through the Ports of Los Angeles and/or Long Beach. Recent reports have demonstrated that California is ranked 5th in the world, moving up one notch in rank after Brexit.

With two major international sea ports on the West Coast, Long Beach and Los Angeles, our 3PL facility has been strategically located not far away. Earlier this year there were reports of congestion in the Ports but recent news on the Hanjin bankruptcy has caused somewhat of a slow down, creating efficiencies for other reputable shipping carriers.

Our focus at Westset Logistics after your goods clear customs and is in transit to us is providing quality service in warehousing and distribution. We have partners who work with us in customs clearance and drayage, where the hand-shake and responsibility is passed on to our team, when the goods are checked in at our warehouse facility in La Mirada, CA. We work with international and domestic companies who want a distribution center for non-perishable products. We do not offer refrigeration storage at this time.

Our best deliverable in terms of service is when there are pallet based storage, of which bulk shipments are sent out to major stores like Marshalls, Nordstroms, Walmart, Home Depot and many more. Our fleet of over 100 trucks servicing Southern California cater for same day and next day deliveries. So there really isn’t a problem taking in last minute orders within specific cut off times and so far our on time delivery performance is at 99.97%. Our trucking division recently won the 2016 Global Innovation Award.

If you have concerns about tracking your inventory, security and possibly handling of items, the best thing for you to do is visit our facility, take a tour and meet the people. Our tracking of inventory is done on a cloud based system, which empowers our customers wherever they are in the world to review in real time inventory levels, movement of orders placed  and the ability to create reports as required. The facility is fully secured with cameras. The team at Westset provide very personalized customer service and pride themselves in the handling of goods.

Exporting to the USA makes sense right now for various reasons. The strong US Dollar makes it economically attractive. The population in the USA is about 330 million people and the economy is thriving. There are options for manufacturing and selling as well in the USA, especially with re-shoring programs. California, New York and Texas represent the most highly populated states, why not start in California as your port of entry.

For more information on our 3PL services, drop us a note here asanano@ttdwest.com