Pharmaceutical Warehouse Worker

Pharmaceutical 3PL Warehousing and Logistics Services

In highly regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, finding the right 3PL partner has always been critical for business success. The supply chain and logistics disruptions of the last year and a half have placed an additional premium on flexibility, as 3PL providers have had to innovate solutions to work around obstacles to achieve safe, on-time delivery of essential products. Despite these challenges, Westset Logistics’ experience and commitment to integrating cutting-edge technological tools have enabled us to continue providing reliable, impeccable on-time service to our clients in every industry.

As a result, our services to the pharmaceutical and related industries, where there is little margin for error in warehousing and logistics, are booming. We understand the unique requirements of shipping and storing strictly regulated potentially fragile products, and can help provide customized solutions for your business.

The Challenges of Pharmaceuticals and Related Items

Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, nutritional supplements, and cosmeceuticals present challenges beyond those of ordinary products that require experienced, detail-oriented handling during both shipment and storage. Depending on the product, specific guidelines and regulations may dictate how the product is to be handled, to ensure that it arrives at the consumer intact and effective.

One of the primary concerns is temperature control. Certain supplements need to be maintained within certain temperature ranges to retain their efficacy and safety. This means environmental monitoring must be in place, with alarms to notify staff in case something goes wrong. Cosmeceuticals may also require similar care, as extreme temperatures could reduce the effectiveness of active ingredients or negatively affect the formulation of the product.

Similarly, care in handling is a high priority for medicines and medical devices. Products must be transported and stored without damage, no matter how physically fragile they might be. Certain pharmaceutical products can also require high-security measures to avoid the risk of theft. The proper equipment, protocols, and training are essential for keeping delicate, high-value cargo safe and secure.

Inventory control and tracking must also be strictly managed for medical products, supplements, and cosmeceuticals. This can mean tracking the chain of custody for medication to meet legal requirements, as well as properly rotating stock to send time-sensitive products out on the desired FIFO or FEFO principle. As these regulations and safety precautions are intended to protect the safety of the end-user of the product, you must be certain that your 3PL partner takes them as seriously as you do.

The Westset Advantage

When you have high-value products with specialized shipping and storage requirements, Westset Logistics has the expertise to provide personalized service and the individualized solutions you need. Whether you’re shipping products in drums, cartons, or pallet loads, we give you:

1. High-touch white-glove service: Responsive customer service and communications are key to Westset’s operations. We extend the same hands-on care to all our clients, with highly trained representatives available to assist you. Every client is assigned a dedicated account representative who can help with every request, no matter how large or small.

2. Full turnkey service: Whatever your storage and shipping requirements, Westset can provide the answer. We provide the smoothest and fastest possible delivery so you can focus on your core business.

3. An overall solution with cloud-based inventory management: Our cloud-based Warehouse Management System provides up-to-the-minute accuracy in order processing, inventory accounting, and shipment tracking, giving you full visibility.

4. Superior attention to detail: We work to not only accommodate but to anticipate our clients’ needs, making sure that each shipment is treated with individualized care to the exact requirements of the job.

Serving both domestic and international companies, Westset is a reliable 3PL provider experienced in managing detailed product requirements and complex supply chains. Our experts focus on meeting your company’s specific needs as well as ensuring regulatory compliance in all required areas. We work with our customers to achieve effective, efficient logistics strategies and support their business goals. To learn more about Westset Logistics and our services, contact us here.