Reshoring and Establishing in the USA

Changing consumer behaviors demand rapid and iterative innovation which can be more effectively achieved by shortening supply chains and bringing producers closer to final consumers. This process of reshoring, bringing businesses back to the United States, offers benefits such as shorter delivery times, higher quality, and responsivity to customers. The key to making this transition successful is to find reliable partners state-side. Westset Logistics and Distribution is ideally suited to be your company’s warehousing, distribution and last mile logistics solutions provider throughout the reshoring process and into the future.

What is Reshoring?

Reshoring is the growing trend of bringing manufacturing from overseas back to the United States. Tariffs enacted on Chinese, Canadian and European imports were meant to level the global trade playing field and incentivize U.S. companies to bring manufacturing back to America. The international impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on trade has accelerated this trend.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted complex global supply chains from logistics (closed borders, idling ships, and reduced routes) to operational capacity concerns which impact production schedules and order fulfillment. Manufacturers are looking to secure their supply chains through simplification, diversification and localization. As a result of the disruptions caused by the recent coronavirus outbreak, about 1 in 2 North American manufacturers (47%) are now looking to source domestically.

How can Westset Logistics and Distribution help you reshore?

Your company needs a responsive local partner to collaborate with to meet the market challenges of rapid innovation and product development. 3PL Westset Logistics is a family owned warehousing and distribution business based in Southern California. We are poised to serve domestic U.S. and international companies. Westset Logistics and Distribution is a superior warehousing, distribution and last mile logistics solutions provider. Partnering with us empowers you with flexibility, trust and accuracy. We offer personalized services that adapt to the needs of each individual customer and remain extremely competitive. We offer container handling, warehousing, repackaging, labeling, sorting, and pricing, kitting service, cross-docking and consolidation, fulfillment, domestic transportation, and more.

Location, Location, Location

Westset Logistics and Distribution has a new location in Fullerton, California which is central to the logistics corridors between the Inland Empire and Orange County, Northern Mexico/San Diego and Los Angeles and a commercial hub for the industrial and logistics sectors. This exciting expansion now offers 309,439 square feet; 80,500 additional square feet of warehouse space as well as new office spaces and workstations to support growth. This new facility accommodates your company’s expansion throughout the USA and North American markets. Westset Logistics and Distribution is still close to LAX and the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles and offer prime spots now for logistics with the Inland Empire, Orange County, San Diego, goods coming in from Northern Mexico, and international locations. This is in addition to our Cerritos and Downey locations which will continue to function as they are currently.

Our state-of-the-art spaces, experienced staff, and ideal location make us the perfect partner for reshoring your company’s supply chain. Our superior 3PL services provide both domestic and international customers with high touch, pallet load, B2B warehousing, storage and distribution on the West Coast of the USA. At Westset Logistics and Distribution we offer speed to market and close collaboration with our clients, an advantage for those looking to reshore. To find out more about how partnering with Westset Logistics can help your company bring parts of the supply chain back state-side, contact us here.

Reshoring will prove to be one of the biggest drivers of growth for North American manufacturing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and amidst ongoing global trade uncertainty. Business leaders that recognize this opportunity and proactively take steps to bring elements of their supply chain back to the US will set themselves up for success.