Strengthening The Supply Chain During A Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested supply chains like no other event in recent history. Companies are making both tactical and strategic adjustments to their supply chains that may transform the way they do business for the next decade or more. Businesses are seeing demand spike for certain items and plummet for others, while their access to parts and labor from around the world is being severely disrupted.

Westset Logistics and Distribution understands that the companies we work with are reorganizing and reprioritizing, and we are here to help as your business reworks its supply chain accordingly. We can provide cost-saving options, removing overhead and headaches, by relying on our dedicated staff and sound partnerships with companies like Total Transportation & Distribution, an award-winning LTL trucking company in Southern California.

Rethinking the Supply Chain with Cloud-Based Systems

Supply chain risk management should be a key component of a company’s strategic agenda. A disruption in the supply chain can affect product development, product management, finances, supply diversity, transaction costs and much more. Supply chain leaders can use this moment to focus attention on strengthening existing supply-chain components. In an increasingly digital and data-driven world, Westset Logistics and Distribution is invested in creating efficiencies, applying state-of-the-art supply chain management solutions. We have applied and adapted our cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) as an efficient modular software allowing us to adapt to the needs and competing priorities for each customer. Our WMS has proven itself with very satisfactory levels of accuracy in order processing, accounting of inventory and tracking of shipments, enabling FULL remote operations to work with us in real time to manage movement of products.

Digital Supply Networks

Compared to other disruptive events, the COVID-19 shock is radically different and has impacted nearly every link in global supply chains. The combination of largescale and widespread demand and supply shocks happening simultaneously sets the COVID-19 shock apart from all other previous crisis. Supply chain technologies can dramatically improve visibility across the end-to-end supply chain, and support companies’ ability to resist such shocks. The traditional linear supply chain model is transforming into digital supply networks (DSNs), where functional silos are broken down and organizations become connected to their complete supply network to enable end-to-end visibility, collaboration, agility, and optimization. At Westset Logistics our warehousing, distribution, and 3PL technology can help your company mitigate supply chain shocks. Westset Logistics is equipped with technology that connects eCommerce clients to online sales channels and allows them to compete in a supply chain driven industry. We serve an international clientele, allowing our customers to track their goods every step of the way.


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Short Term versus Long Term Planning – Mitigating Risks Around Disruptions

Immediate needs during the COVID-19 pandemic are the most urgent: keep employees safe while maintaining essential operations. Now, a few months into the pandemic, your business may be thinking strategies to build resilience in the medium term and re-evaluate long-term plans. Many companies began by focusing on maintaining liquidity and business viability, without disrupting existing processes too dramatically. Longer term, however, companies need to re-evaluate systems and processes. The focus should be on retooling and smartening up their supply chains. Disruptions are likely to be a part of the “new normal” and a company’s success will be measured on the ability to weather such shocks. An outside perspective, like that provided by our knowledgeable team at Westset Logistics, can be an especially helpful tool to begin restructuring and reprioritizing flexibility and reliability in supply chain management.

Companies are focusing on safeguarding people, alleviating risks, controlling potential damage by adjusting operations. Westset Logistics is the ideal partner for this type of restructuring. We provide personalized care that prioritizes quality of service. Now is the time to increase efficiency and lower expenses, providing for the present and planning for the future. Contact us now to find out how we can help with your company’s logistics and 3PL needs.