Marianne Kelly, OMNOVA Solutions Inc.

“OMNOVA Solutions has been utilizing the Westset warehouse for approximately 10 years. We are able to ship full truckloads weekly to accommodate our West Coast customers. We are based in Columbus, Mississippi and due to the heavier weights on our coated fabric rolls of vinyl, their services allow us to consign the freight for our customers who are then able to either pick up their orders or then utilize¬†Total Transportation¬†for deliveries., once materials are in California at the warehouse. Westset Logistics is most accurate in maintaining inventory levels and filling our orders. Their turnaround is most responsive and timely for our customers. World class customer service, key communication and a willingness to always go the extra mile, should a special situation arise, is all part of why we are with Westset. They make our very fast paced business easier, in terms of accommodating our customer’s individual requests which in turn helps OMNOVA maintain high marks with the customers. We highly recommend their services” Marianne Kelly, Customer Service Manager, OMNOVA Solutions Inc.

November 5, 2012