Tips on how to choose the right 3PL Partner (Part 2)

Look at the track record

The bar is set high, both for b2b and b2c also known as online retail. In the Amazon age, consumers expect fast, reliable shipping with little room for error. Look at how your potential new partner will help you back up your promise to your customers. How is their warehouse run? How are they integrating technology to improve accuracy and efficiency? What is their track record like? What about their client history? This applies to financial history as well; your potential partner should be able to prove rock-solid financial stability. If they run into problems down the line, it could cause huge repercussions for your business.  At Westset Logistics our string of testimonials provide reassurance to other CEO’s and CFO’s who are looking for a solid 3PL partner.

Evaluate scalability

Conservative CEO’s or CFO’s may or may not consider this one but it’s a significant variable to the decision making process. One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your logistics is the power to scale your volume without worry. But if your new 3PL is already near their own operating capacity, they may not be able to handle growth on your end. If your volume of orders doubles in the next month, you want a partner that will say, “No problem.” On the other hand, if business is slow, your partner should be able to rapidly scale down without slowing down.  Westset Logistics has for planned for growth 5 years ago and has been able to grow its facility steadily. Our choice of location was also strategically spotted for this very reason of scaling up for companies like Walmart, Target, Kohls, Pet Products and Fashion items. Last week we published Part 1 on some insiders’ tips to choosing the right 3PL partner. If you missed it don’t worry click here and you can pick it up, no extra charge! Here is Part 2…..

Consult reputable industry references

Your standards for a 3PL should be high, so anyone you consider should have rave reviews from current clients. However there are many individuals who claim to know about logistics and 3PL but many fail to understand the fundamentals in working with one. Quiz them at every level from efficiency of receiving goods, cross docking, ease of making changes, how they handle returns. All 3PL’s boast their efficiency, but ask references about security, reliability, and flexibility as well. Your 3PL is akin to another branch of your own business, so make sure their company’s character and culture will mesh with your own. To speak to the above point about scalability, seek out clients that are both larger and smaller than your organization, and ask how the 3PL has handled dips and spikes in their business.

Westset Logistics is one of many 3PL’s in the Los Angeles area but the reason for its’ success to date is service. The Dominguez family has kept this business a very efficiently managed and run business, albeit keeping a strong family business environment. Customer service is mandatory and they have been able to maintain having human interaction for every phone call despite a general trend for 3PL’s to have answering machines and call select options to be part of an unwelcoming phone call gesture for new and existing customers. For more information on Westset Logistics for both international and domestic USA inquiries visit us at