Westset Logistic’s Grand Opening, 25th April 2013

120 people gathered at the La Mirada, CA terminal to celebrate the Grand Opening of Westset Logistics, a leading 3PL warehouse and distribution company. Guy and Ruben Dominguez welcomed key sponsors who started setting up at about 3PM, an hour before the main registration took place. Greg Clement from BKCG Attorney’s was one of the first to arrive, setting up his display as one of the key sponsors for the event. “We are very pleased for Guy and the team at Total and Westset, my partners and I offer our congratulations to the team” says Mr. Clement. Key VIP’s from the La Mirada City, were newly elected Mayor De Russe, Council Member Andrew Sarega and President of the La Mirada Chamber of Commerce. Other VIP’s who attended, included the CEO of the Santa Fe Springs Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the West OC Chamber of Commerce and Cerritos Chamber of Commerce. International delegates who attended the event in light of the unveiling of GloCAL 2013, included Trade Commissioner from New Zealand to North America, Mr. Duncan Catanach and Executive Director for JETRO Japan’s Trade Organization in Los Angeles, Sachiko Fukushima.

Hema Dey, CEO of Iffel International, spoke about how innovative and dynamic the team are at Westset Logistics. With its’ sister company Total Transportation and Distribution the model is complete for a complete supply chain solution on the West Coast of the USA. Total Transportation has a total of 90 trucks and provide same day and next day deliveries from San Diego and Santa Barbara and everything in between. Guy and Ruben Dominguez have taken the company to great heights, with the implementation of innovative, state of the art warehouse management systems and transportation management systems. The current focus is also in marketing and branding the businesses, setting itself as front runners within the supply chain sector. Ms. Dey spoke about how Guy has lead the business to retain a personal approach to doing business, she was amazed at how you actually still get a human being answering the phones as oppose to an automated voice recording!

Bowron Sheepskins, a 130 year old tannery in New Zealand,  featured as a case study in Ms.Dey’s speech. With its’ head office in New Zealand, the management are very pleased with the service and online visibility to inventory and stock movement. Ms.Dey echoed the raving reviews she received from key executives from Bowron, who made a significant decision to shut down their warehouse in Denver, CO to relocate with Westset Logistics. Bowron continue to grow their business in the USA with Westset as the 3PL and Iffel as the marketing arm for North America.