Cheetah launches with Total Transportation

Transportation Management Software (TMS) is simply mandatory for a trucking business. Cheetah, who are well-known for TMS Routing software has launched their system with Total Transportation . Tom Sisson, Sales Director was instrumental in presenting the case to Guy and his team at Total. Through Cheetah CLI has built the order processing and disptach system, alongside driver pay, all of which will talk with the TMS system by Cheetah, which is aimed at optimizing the routing and delivery process. “It feels like we have modernized ourselves overnight with our drivers armed with Samsung Galaxy Tablets, so we can all be in sync, with real time data” says Jose Garcia, Terminal Manager for Total Transportation and Distribution.

Cheetah executed  training mid-May and was be on-site with drivers to ensure that everyone got comfortable fairly quickly with the new system. This has cut down communication times, increased efficiencies, customers are empowered to go online to check routing status, payment and be able to chat live with an account representative. This has created more efficiencies for the drivers who are  able to perform more pick up and deliveries, therefore creating growth incentives for all parties involved. This is a win win situation all-around.