What are the benefits of using a 3PL?

Newly established companies and small businesses will often seek the services of a third party logistics company (3PL). While the 3PL provider offers assembling, packaging, storing and distribution solutions, businesses can focus their attention on more important objectives. 3PL companies are experts in their field and can therefore ensure that customers are supplied with products on time, through well-managed inventory and distribution.

The following points are just a few of the many benefits an outsourced third party logistics company can offer:

1. Companies may not have the same resources as a 3PL provider. As such, outsourcing will not only improve the quality of customer service but also, cut operational costs.

2. 3PL providers have a range of new technologies at their disposal, allowing businesses to be ahead of their competitors.

3. Outsourcing will allow companies to utilize warehousing space and work force, without having to invest in extra infrastructure.

4. Outsourcing can provide extra services for your customers, for instance, worldwide distribution

3PL providers are experts in their field and as such, are able to integrate the best and most up-to-date practices, making inventory management and distribution efficient. Additionally, back-up systems enable companies to know the exact movement of inventory, ensuring companies are in control of shipments.

While 3PL companies maintain checks on management, ensuring that errors are kept at a bare minimum, customers can rest assure that the company is going to provide excellent customer care.