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California’s economy is predicted to grow faster than the nation’s next year. Even as recession fears haunt the ongoing expansion, California’s economic output expanded by 2.6% this year. In particular, California’s logistics industry, propelled by its giant Southern California ports, and its booming tech sector are likely to continue to grow faster than those industries in the rest of the nation. However, California’s growth rate is down from 3.5% in the last quarter of 2018 and expected to slow even more next year. This is why it’s a critical time to consider strategic partnerships in logistics and 3PL, especially for mid- to large-sized enterprises. Given how insecure the economy is, it may be extremely valuable to focus on reducing overheard, increasing efficiencies, and lowering overall costs.

Westset Logistics and Distribution is the ideal partner for your company’s logistical and 3PL needs. We are a superior warehousing, distribution and last mile logistics solutions provider. We are family owned, offering warehousing and distribution services based in Southern California. Westset Logistics is equipped with technology that connects eCommerce clients to online sales channels and allows them to compete in a supply chain driven industry. We serve an international clientele, allowing our customers to track their goods every step of the way. We individualize our services to the unique requirements of each individual customer, adapting to the peaks and valleys of your business cycles in a safe environment.

Our business is growing and we can help yours grow too. We recently added a new location in Cerritos, California – a 68,100 square foot building. As we expand, we are even better equipped to provide exceptional business-to-business eCommerce as a great partner for your enterprise accounts.

Growth is not inevitable. Unfortunately, the economic future for many businesses looks difficult. The trade war with China poses an outsized threat to California, given that some 200,000 businesses import goods through the San Pedro Bay ports, accounting for about 40% of the nation’s imports. In fact, total goods movement through the ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles and Oakland for the quarter ending in October are down by 4.5% from the previous year.[i] Partnering with Westset Logistics is taking a step towards securing your company’s financial security. We are flexible and customer-focused, working hard to provide services that will truly work towards the individualized needs of your company.

Though many studies are forecasting an economic downturn nationally, this does not have to be the case for your company. Now is the time to increase efficiency and lower expenses, planning for the future. Contact us now to find out how we can help with your company’s logistics and 3PL needs.

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